Our Sponsors

Join our beloved list of sponsors and help support youth hockey in San Francisco! Email us for more information.


Whole Foods Market SoMa

Many of you may know that Whole Foods SoMa has been helping out the Development Mites with healthful food donations for their “Hockey Mites in San Francisco” tournament series. In addition to this generous support for our Mites, Whole Foods SoMa has dedicated their current Nickels for Nonprofits fundraiser to sponsoring our San Francisco Youth Hockey Association, which oversees the SF Sabercats teams. What it means is that for every bag a shopper brings in to Whole Foods, they are credited a nickel which can be donated to a charity being presented by the Whole Foods store – in this case Whole Foods SoMa. This support certainly helps us financially, but also strengthens our local community bonds.

Most all of us end up shopping at the Whole Foods around the corner, whether it is breakfast after Mite practice or dinner after Pee-Wee practice or simply groceries to take home. Please, the next time you shop or stop by the store, say “Thank You” to the Whole Foods Team Members you meet there. Let them know you are a hockey family and you appreciate their support.

And, for hockey’s sake, bring your own bag and donate that nickel!


Pure Hockey

Pure Hockey is dedicated to providing quality hockey equipment, hockey clothing and hockey accessories. We only sell what we consider to be the best hockey equipment and products made.


Babylon Burning

Since 1976 Babylon Burning has been providing the San Francisco Bay area with top quality screen printing and graphic design services. Enjoying what we do and loving the place we live makes the difference.


Pet Camp

San Francisco’s most trusted and beloved pet daycare and staycare facility. We are a band of pet lovers and pet parents dedicated to providing your pet with a safe, fun and caring environment in your absence. We believe in a personalized approach to pet care ensuring your peace-of-mind knowing your pet is safe, happy and loved while you’re away.